The feature independent documentary THE ARK OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS by director Jan Svatoš will present the work and legacy of the outstanding American filmmakers, writers and adventurers, Martin and Osa Johnson, for the first time and in a new perspective. The Artist loosely follows up not only on his triple awarded directorial debut Africa Obscura (2011), whose success received coverage in both European and US media, but also follows up on the projects he realized in collaboration with the American embassy in Prague.

Why the project is unique:

  • It presents one-of-a-kind, non-published archival materials
  • It tells a fascinating life story intertwined with current, global social issues as nature protection and human rights
  • It connects 5 continents and 3 centuries
  • Original visual style of the director Jan Svatoš awarded at several film festivals


AASThe film received a grant from the State Cinematography Fund of the Czech Republic.

Due to the contributions from the donors listed on the right the movie could be independent.

The cast:

  • Tony Fitzjohn – conservationist, long-time collaborator of George Adamson
  • Schuyler Jones – world-famous anthropologist and adventurer, real-life model for the film character Indiana Jones
  • Dr. Pascal Imperato – professor, author of several publications on Africa and its history, author of the biography They Married Adventure