The research in Library of Congress is reaching its peak

library of congress the ark(Washington D.C., USA) Director Jan Svatos was accepted to make a research for our documentary the Ark of Lights and Shadows in the Library of Congress. While searching for vergotten rough archive footage from Martin Johnson, Jan was allowed to enter even for public inaccessible parts of the library. One of it was the audiovisual center located outside of Washington D.C. in Culpeper where are safely stored  unique higly flammable nitrate reels. Next to Martin Johnsons reels are secured here even original reels of tresures of the world cinematoghraphy as Casablanca or The Godfather and many other.  The whole research lasted one week – nearly 45 hours.

Werner Herzog as the dramaturgy consultant

herzog-300x214Living legend, famous feature and documentary film director Werner Herzog (Aguirre, the Wrath of God; Fitzgeraldo etc.)  has met again with the director  Jan Svatos in Vienna to discuss our documentary The Ark of Lights and Shadows. Its pleasure for us to cooperete with such amazing personality  on our movie.

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Kenya revealed new link to Johnsons legacy

We have just come back from Kenya. We were filming at four destinations, Mt.Kenya, Amboseli, Tsavo and Nairobi in which we filmed elephant orphans.  All of the destinations above somehow refer to the work of Martin and Osa Johnsons. We climbed up to Mt. Kenya to pay a tribute to them – it was a harsh experience, but Mt Kenya is such an amazing place on Earth! Now we fully understand Martin´s anxiety to film in its breathtaking heights. The mountain has many to offer but is really cautious about revealing its beauty and is also dangerous. Afterwards we filmed anti-poaching patrol with rangers in Tsavo NP. We also spent unforgettable night at waterhole with them to wait for rhinos – and 8 of them came to drink. We have taken amazing footage and now prepare special lecture and second teaser.

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New logo of the project is born

logoWe are happy to announce that we have created  a new logo for the Ark of  lights and shadows movie. Its leitmotiv is again zebra (similarly to Africa obscura).

This time it is presented by Osa Johnson riding zebra- unconventional scene that fascinates 100 years ago and fascinates still  nowadays.


The interactive campaign was triggered

Original movie tent covered by zebra stripes invites you for photo exhibition of 100 years old photos by Martin and Osa Johnson and you will reveal there why had the Johnsons to run away from home or how they enjoyed the honeymoon at cannibals and many more